At Bagware you will find the hottest trends in this year's absolutely must-have designer luggage, handbags, and purses.  All the latest purse styles - including luxurious leather purses, yummy little coin purses, cigar box purses, and trendy monogram purse. Paris Hilton-inspired doggy purses, beautifully beaded purses, unique license plate purses, jelly Kelly purses, mini backpacks and statement-making photo purses.
Designer Luggage
Luggage is the most tried and true way to transport your essential items - whether it's business or personal travel. Trust the best names in the business like Diane Von Furstenberg, Samsonite and Travelpro to get them there safely...and in style.  You find the best prices on designer handbags here at Bagware.
Designer Handbags
The Designer handbag you choose can transform the average girl into a slimmer, taller and more successful woman in mere seconds.
Handbags are essential to every woman's wardrobe. They carry your ID, your money, your make up, your keys, your day planner - in essence your entire identity!
Designer Purse Trends
Popular today are Ultra chic power purses and fantastic girl next door mini backpacks. Trendy designer handbags, coin purses, cigar box purses, leather purses, monogrammed purses, license plate purses, evening bags, jelly purses, photo purses and even purses for carrying your treasured pet.

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